Do you love mushrooms? Have you always wanted to pick up and cook? There’s a long tradition of gathering mushrooms here in this part of Catalonia. It’s one of the tastiest foods found naturally in the Pyrenees mountains and the locals have made the most of that for generations.

This Catalonia region host an enormous diversity of species of fungi, which makes this area a prime spot for wild mushroom gathering, a paradise for mycology lovers. Come with us through different mycological habitats and discover:

  • In spring, morels and fairy ring mushrooms rear their head;
  • at the end of summer, the first mushrooms of mountain pine forests shoot up such as chanterelles, bloody milk caps and ceps;
  • and in the midst of autumn, wax caps, Caesar’s mushrooms, grey knights, yellow foot, russula-like wax caps and black trumpets are found.

Gathering mushrooms

Mushrooms are also a wonderful excuse to walk in the countryside, through pine and oak forests, meadows and riverbanks and grasp the natural, cultural and culinary values of the territory.

This mycological experience are led by specialist who will help us understand their ecology, their role in the ecosystem, their cultural significance, traditional uses and culinary value. Our biologist will help you identify the edible from the poisonous ones, so you can cook and eat them safely on your meals.

Mushrooms Showcooking

What could be better than a dish of freshly picked wild mushrooms, gently but rapidly cooked in a combination of Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic and Parsley, which needs nothing more than a hunk of fresh bread and a glass of good wine?

And if we also show you to cook a good Spanish omelette (tortilla de patatas) with this sautéed mushroom, the dinner will be to lick your fingers.

You will learn to recognize fungi, mushrooms and the place where they live. We will learn how to harvest them without damaging the environment, where to find them, how to differentiate edible from poisonous or how to cook or preserve them. The participants will learn to:

  • Identify the different species correctly in the field
  • Differentiate the similar species and mainly of the toxic species.

We promote responsible mycological ecotourism that allows knowing and respecting this amazing natural value always within principles of good practice for conservation.


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Friday: Arrival to Casa Leonardo

Afternoon/evening arrival. Reception and welcoming dinner.

Saturday: Departure around the house to learn about the types of forest and its characteristic mushrooms

9:00 Breakfast.
10:00 Departure around the house to know the types of forest and its characteristic mushrooms.
13:30 Lunch in the countryside.
17:00 Return to Casa Leonardo. Free time.
7:30 pm Workshop to find out about the essential elements to go out to find mushrooms and learn how and where they live, as well as the seasonal calendar of the main mushrooms.
9:00 pm Dinner.
22:00 After-dinner mycological conversation. Review of the main species found throughout the day. Time to resolve doubts and exchange stories about the world of mushrooms.

Sunday: Departure around the house to learn about the edible mushrooms that have been used for food and / or gastronomic use.

9:00 Breakfast.
10:00 Departure from the natural environment to learn about the edible mushrooms that have been used for food and / or gastronomic use.
13:30 Lunch in the countryside
17:00 Return to Casa Leonardo
18:00 Farewell

Price Weekend: Fungi and mushrooms from the Catalan Pyrenees

2 days and to nights
285 Person/day
  • 2 half boards in a double room

  • 2 packed lunches, with lunch box and cloth napkin to minimise waste

  • Dossier with general information about the area, a list of the main species, areas visited, ...

  • 2 guided walks by Evarist March from Naturalwalks

  • 2 workshops

  • After trip botanic guidance from the identification of images

  • Travel nsurance


The price does not include
Drinks at meals and supplements beyond the organized and agreed meals offered.

The private vehicles of participants.

Rural House – Casa Leonardo (Senterada. Lleida Pyrenees)

Rooms for 2 people with en-suite bathroom.

The itinerary can vary due to adverse weather conditions or other unexpected events. The itinerary has no technical difficulty, only the typical walking for natural spaces, so a person in good physical condition can participate.

Travel Guide
Evarist March, a biologist and botanist, his passion is nature. He loves to loose himself teaching the uses of plants and mushrooms.

Maximum of 12 people. Limited places. Reservation through payment order.

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