Anyone who visits Pallars Jussà will enjoy the annual festivals held in all of the towns and cities. The annual festivals have long been the time of the year when families gather and offer the best of what they have to friends and acquaintances. The people of Pallars have always maintained their ties with the land. This translates into a desire to modernise the holidays, festivals and traditions that form their history to carry them forward into the future.

THE DIADA DELS RAIERS (Raftsmen Celebration)

Don’t miss the celebration of the Raftsmen Day at the first weekend of July in La Pobla de Segur! Until 1930 Pallars was linked to the rest of Catalonia particularly by its rivers. The dams that were built brought timber down from the mountains to the sea and the entire industry revolved around the wood from the forests. The Diada dels Raiers is a remembrance day that has been held on the first weekend of July since 1979. Two days with rafts of activities for all the family that will show or remind you about that profession that is deeply rooted in the region. Take the opportunity to hike and enjoy the wonderful views of Collegats Canyon, to taste girella (typical cold meat made of rice and lamb), and to watch the descent of the rafts on Sunday morning.


Come to celebrate the summer solstice night! A spectacular event in which a torch is carried down from the mountains is celebrated in many localities, particularly La Pobla de Segur, on 17 June to mark the festival of Mare de Déu de la Ribera. This archaic festivity is a blend of Christian and pagan rituals and one of the traditional ‘fire’ festivals held throughout Catalonia to mark the summer solstice.


Salàs de Pallars has been historically an important village in the region, in the 14th century it was already authorised to celebrate an annual cattle fair which has been a reference throughout the centuries. Nowadays, this fair has become the Remembrance Day of the Salàs Fair in the beginning of November.

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