If you like eating and you are coming to Pallars, you can't miss our most traditional dishes. Most of Pallars's traditional dishes are based on a mountain diet, basically using seasonal products. Come and savour the surprising flavour of our traditional dishes. You'll love them!

Local cuisine is rooted in its tradition and that tradition is based on produce from the land. There are certain foods you can only try here, such as girella, a sausage with more than 500 years of history, or all i oli de codony (quince aioli), in which this autumnal fruit is used to make a typical mountain sauce that is spread on toast or used to enrich a range of dishes.

You can also sample civet d’isard, a stew with its origins in medieval times and made from game, or xolís, a pork sausage made in winter. Other local delicacies include the cheeses and desserts.

In our region you will find several dairy products, fruit of tradition and innovation as well, as they have been adapted to the needs of the modern clients. You can buy tupí, the most famous cheese speciality of the region, as well as other varieties such as serrat, brossat or llenguat.

One of the most popular foods from Pallars is mushrooms. You will find a huge variety of species used in many local dishes that we prepare at Casa Leonardo, particularly in autumn. In spring, wild herbs release their scents and are a staple at local fairs.


We pride ourselves in catering for those who have special dietary requirements. We’ll do our very best to look after your needs. We do ask you to inform us when you book the room so we can be well prepared.

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