We invite you to enjoy your naturalist holiday discovering the hidden corners of the Pyrenees accompanied by an expert guide. Where you can enjoy all of the nature, from discovering while you walk the explosion of spring, to the orchids, flowers and animals most chracteristic to the area.

It will be a holiday that allows you to enjoy contrasts: marvelling at the varied flora (mediterranean, central european, alpin, wetlands, etc.) and strolling by authentic places little frequented.

In addition to the tours each day you will learn about a type of plant used since ancient times – plants for medicine, to eat, for making beverages, as a soap, and other uses – and in the afternoon, participate in a demonstration-workshop where you can enjoy making your own recipes, natural medicines, traditional drinks, and scented soaps.

This is a holiday for people who like to enjoy nature, not hurry, have fun, share time with like-minded and healthy people – all through a good treatment and personalised service.

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Sunday: Arrival to Casa Leonardo

Afternoon/ evening arrival. Reception and welcoming dinner.

Monday: Cadolla - Senterada and plants and their uses in the region

We will take a gentle walk to integrate ourselves into the new mediterranean mountain landscape and local culture. From the town of Cadolla we will visit the remains of an old mill, and on our way discover the legends of witches in the area and begin to familiarise ourselves with the orchids, flora and fauna.

Tuesday: Cèrvoles, Puigcerver and plants for teas and drinks.

We will climb to the village of Cèrvoles where we will loose our vision until the furthest part of the valley where we re-take the track to Puigserver. On the way we’ll have time to learn the history of seasonal migration towards the Pyrenees, learn how that changed the landscape in the last century until today, and enjoy the route and different places of the valley.

Wednesday: Castell d’Estaó, Devil’s Bridge and edible plants.

We will make a spectacular hike through the meadows, cliffs and oak forests of the area. Along the way we will enjoy the mid-mountain meadows in bloom, with numerous species of flowers, including some curious orchids, and finish by arriving at Devil’s Bridge, where we will loose our breath!

Thursday: Lake Gento and medicinal plants.

We will visit lake Gento in the Natural Park Aiguestortes i Sant Maurici and enjoy the fresh smell of high mountain meadows and alpine flora. We will descend following the old railway line to valley Fosca.

Friday: Lake Montcortés and plants for dying.

Farewell excursion to lake Montcortés, a small lake among meadows full of naturalist surprises. A day of walking in the shade, with hot food from the countryside and a swim for those who dare to dive into the crystal clear waters.

Amongst wildflowers Price

5 nights, 4 walks with guide and 4 workshops
585 Person ( Suplement of 10€ day per single room )
  • 5 half boards in a double room

  • 5 packed lunches, with lunch box and cloth napkin to minimise waste

  • Dossier with general information about the area, a list of the main species, areas visited,...

  • 5 guided walks

  • 4 workshops to learn how to create products with plants

  • After trip botanic guidance from the identification of images

  • Travel insurance


The price does not include
Drinks at meals and supplements beyond the organized and agreed meals offered.

The private vehicles of participants.

Rural House – Casa Leonardo (Senterada. Lleida Pyrenees)

Rooms for 2 people with en-suite bathroom.

The itinerary can vary due to adverse weather conditions or other unexpected events. The itinerary has no technical difficulty, only the typical walking for natural spaces, so a person in good physical condition can participate.

Travel Guide
Evarist March, a biologist and botanist, his passion is nature. He loves to loose himself teaching the uses of plants and mushrooms.

Maximum of 12 people. Limited places. Reservation through payment order.


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