Come in, here you will always find a roof over your heads. A simple home, the product of my grandparents’ love and my parents’ good judgement in its conservation. We have enjoyed it to the full and I hope you will too. Here the walls have been listening for over a hundred years, and if you prick up your ears, you will hear the stories concealed within. Among us, there is Maria Àngels in the kitchen Mireia taking care of guests and the house Jesús, the guide and stirrer of pots, paella pans and casseroles when necessary Marta, who comes when she can and helps out wherever necessary Maria and Blanca are the little ones playing around the house always causing commotion and Víctor who, in spite of his absence, continues to give us the strength to improve every day. Now you have gotten to know us a little, and once you are here you are sure to delve deeper into our traditions and the country life we enjoy.

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