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Casa Leonardo is an environmentally friendly rural hotel that offers numerous ecotourism activities.

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Our passion is taking care of you, yours and the Earth

A big thank you for being part of our eco-friendly lifestyle A few simple steps can reduce your impact on the environment TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE


At Casa Leonardo we are fully aware of the fragility of our environment and our obligation to conserve it so that our children can enjoy it too.  We thus are committed to carrying out pro-active measures aimed at protecting and preserving the environment that will help avoid any overuse of scarce resources and reduce the contamination we generate.

Thanks to our environmentally friendly policies, Casa Leonardo has been granted the EU’s Ecolabel, and the Catalan government has awarded us with a Guaranteed Environmental Quality Distinction:

  1. We separate all our waste.
  2. We have installed water-saving systems.
  3. We use energy-efficient systems.
  4. We use locally manufactured craft products (Aixovar bedspreads, Akarona soaps, etc.) whose production processes we know and trust.   In this way, we help stimulate the local economy and save on the energy costs of transport. We buy a minimum of wrapped and packaged goods and do not offer clients individually wrapped or single-use products.
  5. We have lovingly restored our house without damaging the essence of its traditional architecture. We give priority to quality, durable materials that provide greater warmth and harmony to the house as a whole.
  6. We offer and promote ecotourism activities.

In October 2013, Casa Leonardo was awarded the Catalan Sustainable Tourism Prize in the category of ‘Best Small Accommodation’ in recognition of our longstanding work in the field of sustainable tourism and the creation of a locally based economic activity – El Cinquè Llac long-distance footpath – in the counties of Alta Ribagorça and Els Pallars.

Casa Leonardo was also awarded the Catalan Sustainable Tourism Prize in the category ‘Best Contribution to the Local Economy’ in recognition of our role in fostering local values via the rediscovery and promotion of local tangible and intangible heritage, and the promotion of sustainable modes of transport (slow transport). 

Casa Leonardo is a sustainable country-house hotel that respects the local environment and offers ecotourism activities.

Enjoy the harmonious natural surroundings and an ‘ecotourism’ stay in our hotel, from where you have easy access to the Vall Fosca, Aigüestortes i Sant Maurici National Park, and the stunning Romanesque churches of the Vall de Boí and other Pyrenean valleys.

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Casa Leonardo rewards your responsibles attitudes

At Casa Leonardo we take your responsibility seriously.

Dear guests,

This is an invitation to join our sustainability challenge, which rewards those with the greatest sensitivity towards our work and our environment. And the prize? The most important prize is helping wildlife conservation with your sustainable actions, although we will also enter you in a draw for a stay with half board at Casa Leonardo.

Casa Leonardo co-funds local projects that aim to improve the environment and provide social benefits for people living in El Pallars and for those who come to visit.

Thus, you are a key piece in the puzzle!

During your stay or when you check out, you will be able to review a checklist of your sustainable actions and decide to which project you would like Casa Leonardo to make the donation.

Every year, we publish on our web and on the social media the total amount of money donated, how much has gone to each project, and for what it has been used.

Remember that when on holiday you mustn’t forget the good habits that you perform throughout the rest of the year at home. It’s the duty of all of us to care for all the places we visit as if they were our own homes.

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