In the late Cretaceous period (between the Jurassic and Palaeogene periods, some 65 million years ago) Pallars was a marine landscape. The collision of the European and Iberian tectonic plates produced the elevation of the Pyrenees, an incredible fold which led to dramatic changes. Throughout Pallars there are 26 points of special geological interest where visitors can see the transformation process the Earth underwent.

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The geological heritage of Pallars Jussà has an important scientific, cultural and educational value that allows the characterization and interpretation of the geological processes that have been shaped this area. Moreover, it allows the reconstruction of the evolution of life on the Earth in this region. Such is its importance that this territory was recognised as a UNESCO Global Geopark Orígens – Pirineus Catalans on the 17th May 2018.

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From the ecotouristic point of view, this heritage is easy to be explained and interpreted. It can be highlighted its beauty and breath-taking landscapes.

The geological sites that can be highlighted in the UNESCO Global Geopark are diverse. Here there are some of them: 

       Palaeontological heritage: in Orcau, Basturs or Coll de Nargó you can find the remains of the last dinosaurs that lived in Europe (bones, ichnites and eggs). This sites can be visited through guided tours promoted by the Conca Dellà Museum in Isona or Dinosfera in Coll de Nargó.

       Structural Geology: thrust and fold structures and foreland basins are one of the main characteristics of the area’s landscape with, for example, the anticline of Bóixols and Sant Corneli or the syncline of Carreu. 

       Mining heritage: Castell Estaó mines located in la Vall Fosca have more than 27 uranium minerals. These closed mines are included in a geological itinerary of about 2 km with information about history and geology. 

       Stratigraphy: Ilerdian Stage stratotype that contain the remains of the last presence of the sea in the area is defined along the Montllobar road from Tremp to Pont de Montanyana 

     Hydrogeology: Basturs lake tufa mounds complex is a geological formation unique in Europe 

       Geomorphology: Puigcercós landslide is an very clear example of active and recent geological process that illustrates the relationship between geomorphological processes and human activity 

       Sedimentology: tide-dominated delta facies from the Eocene can be observed in the Ager Valley and in Claverol and Hortoneda you can appreciate the synorogenic conglomerates of the Collegats gorge. 


Conca de Tremp (Tremp Basin) is one of the regions that have been traditionally studied from scientists all over the globe. This interest is due to the great variety of paleo environments: open sea environments (marls i sandstone), reefs and tidal sedimentation or arid mainland (clays i gravel). The very well preserved outcrops show significant facies and thickness changes among different structural units as well as the remains of a large number of fossils. 

To completely enjoy the geology of the UNESCO Global Geopark we recommend you to explore it with a specialised guide that will allow you to better understand the origin and evolution of the geological sites while staying in our country house hotel.

Fotos cedides pel Geoparc Conca de Tremp – Montsec.

Autor: Jordi Peró i Núria Verdeny Globa



Alt Pirineu Natural Park




Mont-rebei Canyon


Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici National Park


Montcortès Lake


Capdella Lakes


Vall Fosca cable car


Vall Fosca – Dark Valley


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