Many museums in Pallars explain and interpret the local culture, history and landscapes: Espai Raier (Raftsmen Museum),  Capdella Hydroelectric Museum, Conca Dellà Museum and the Cretaceous Park, , Salàs de Pallars Museum Shops,  Bonifaci House, Casal Manyanet and the Epicentre.


Next to the railway station in La Pobla de Segur you’ll find the Espai Raier (Raftsmen Museum). Until 1930 Pallars was linked to the rest of Catalonia particularly by its rivers. The dams that were built brought timber down from the mountains to the sea and the entire industry revolved around the wood from the forests. The Espai Raier, as well as providing information on the river transport systems used in the wood trade, also conserves the heritage of this industry. The Diada dels Raiers is a remembrance day that has been held on the first weekend of July since 1979.


At Vall Fosca you can visit the Capdella Hydroelectric Museum, an interpretation space that offers a route which covers the period from the origins of the hydroelectric plant through to its implementation in 1914 and explains the economic and social repercussions its construction had on Pallars and the whole of the country. The museum pays homage to the 4,000 people who worked there over the years, when progress reached the lands of one of Catalonia’s best guarded valleys.


In Isona, the Conca Dellà Museum and the Cretaceous Park present the fauna and flora of the county from 65 million years ago, when the last dinosaurs roamed the earth. These sites also conserve dinosaur prints and eggs. The Museum furthermore explains the past of Roman Aeso and the importance of the medieval period which has left us with castles such as the ones at Orcau and Llordà.

The Museum of Old Time Shops, a nostalgic journey back to the Roaring Twenties in Salàs de Pallars

The museums at Salàs de Pallars are the very streets themselves. The Ancient stores presents a number of old business models relating to the country’s trade and decorated with characteristic elements of the mid20th century. This unusual journey back in time is a fascinating look at the evolution of technologies over recent decades, as well as the development of advertising techniques.


The Epicentre, located in Tremp, is the visitors’ centre of the region. Open since 2013 it is a must-see place for anyone who wants to get to know Pallars Jussà: it is the hub for tourist information about the region and the place where the values of its cultural and natural heritage are explained.



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